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Find the perfect costume
Pumpkin Pulp

From unique and horrifying masks to nightmare enducing custom props, these guys know how to do Halloween!

Grim Stitch Factory

Grim Stitch Factory brings scarecrow horror to life!  These incredibly detailed masks are sure to haunt the dreams of your neighbors.

Immortal Masks

If you're looking for a mask that will haunt the dreams of adults and children alike, check these guys out.  Find your perfect silicon mask from Hollywood experts.

Dark Creations ATX

Give these guys a click.  Dark Creations ATX specializes in custom made full and complete costumes.  Need something for your haunted attraction?  Look no further.

Trick or Treat Studios

For a wider range of unique and custom Halloween costumes, this option could be perfect for larger haunted attractions or even single orders too.


Want to see if you're unique or just cliche'?  Check out this really interesting stat website featuring common trends in all things costumes.

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