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Halloween 2018

I'm a little late getting this update to my blog, but Halloween 2018 was the best one yet! I completed additions to my Jack-o-lantern archway with new pumpkins and corn stalks. I also added my two new sentinels.

These guys are especially unique because I built them so fog can shoot up and through their heads.

Every year I try to add something different. When I started this hobby I had three goals: Increase our neighborhoods trick-r-treaters, have the community show their appreciation, and make the news. I have now accomplished 2 of these goals!

This past year we increased our visitor count from 16 to 42! I also have had several neighbors stop by and say how much they enjoy what I am doing, how they come to this area just for my house, and even had one neighbor send me a Halloween card. What a great year! I hope you enjoy my work as well!

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